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Our kitchen is a small and imperfectly formed part of South East London. We (let’s call me L, and my husband D) have discovered that you don’t need tons of space, a lot of money or a huge amount of time to make (usually) healthy, home cooked meals for yourselves and your friends.

We both grew up in a few different places; including Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, where we met. This amazing journey has influenced the food that our families cook and is reflected in the food that we love to eat.

We have lived in London for a few years now, and love the fact that you can pretty much find whatever you want in terms of food in this incredible city; a retro independent cafe for brunch, a cosy pub for a hearty roast dinner, even al fresco dining by the Thames (so what if it’s raining, we are British!!). You can have a bratwurst in Borough Market, followed by crepes in Covent Garden, and that’s pretty special.

We love to travel, and when we can, try to experience home cooked food in the country where it comes from. Of course this isn’t always possible, so we have a go at doing it ourselves in a way that is as cheap and simple as possible.

In these austere times that are hard for everyone, including independent businesses, we try to buy as much food as we can from our local shops in Herne Hill, Dulwich and the surrounding area. We can’t always do it; like everyone we have busy lives and sometimes all we have time for is an express supermarket. But we think it’s important to support local shops and the community that we live in, and they have fantastic produce.

As a result, our love of all things delicious is definitely not a secret so we decided not just to talk about it, but to write about it too. In this blog we hope to share our experiences of cooking and eating; whether it is a quick meal for two after a long day’s work, a three course meal for what seems at the time like twenty friends, the experience of a bustling weekend market or a posh meal at a Michelin starred restaurant (that might not happen very often).

We think it is important to be flexible with recipes, so try where we can to include variations depending on what ingredients you can get hold of, how healthy you want to be, or whether or not you are vegetarian.

So really in summary, this is a blog from our tiny London kitchen; not just about home cooking, but about international cooking and eating experiences, and it’s for everyone who loves food as much as we do.

We are interested in your recipes too, so if you have one you want to share please let us know. Visit our facebook page at www.facebook.com/fromourkitchenblog or Twitter site @OurKitchenBlog and let us know if there is a recipe you would like us to try!

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  1. The Travelling Chopsitcks

    Love the blog! Really looking forward to seeing it grow in the near future and trying some of your recipes! Well done – love from Mexico 🙂

    • fromourkitchen

      Thank you travelling chopsticks! Love your recipes too and will visit your site to comment on them asap.

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