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Steak Canadian

I first came to London as a hopeful musician seven years ago; before I had started a food blog, before I realised how incredible London’s food scene is and before the recent burger craze came crashing into the city. It is quite remarkable, therefore, that my favourite burger is from one of the first restaurants I remember going to all those years ago; Haché.

Haché holds a very special place in my heart because it was discovered by my friends from University in Salford, who had also made the big move to the Capital.  We had high hopes, very little money, almost no experience of London cuisine and probably no knowledge of what a really great burger should taste like. But as soon as our burgers arrived at our table on that first visit, we knew it wouldn’t be our last. I may no longer be a hopeful musician, but I still meet my friends in Haché for a burger whenever we can.

Haché is a family business (another great reason for going) established in 2004 and now has four branches in Camden, Chelsea, Clapham and Shoreditch. I have been to the Clapham restaurant a few times and it is wonderful, but this time we went back to our roots in the Camden Town location.

The Camden restaurant is small and feels like a relaxed café. Fairy lights adorn the mirrors and give the cosy rooms a lovely homely feel. There are a couple of tables outside on a tiny terrace for the summer months. By the time we got there we were full of happy hour cocktails and ready to go straight for the burgers. Haché provides starters including nachos, chicken wings and grilled halloumi, but quite honestly, when the burgers are so big and so good you don’t want to waste time with starters. I’m sure they are delicious.

The burger selection is very international with influences from the U.S, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Asia and Mexico..with beef, lamb, duck, pork, fish, chicken and veggie options.

I went for one of the favourite burgers; the Steak Canadian (pictured above) with sweet cure bacon and mature cheddar cheese. You can choose to have ciabatta, or now you can opt for a brioche bun. A note for the health conscious, you can even leave the bun out completely and have green salad instead. Until today I had always opted for ciabatta, but I was in the mood for something a bit lighter (in terms of density rather than calorie content) and, frankly, easier to eat, so I chose the brioche. I love the ciabatta but need to be really, really hungry in order to finish it and enjoy every bite. Haché cook the burger to your liking which for me is always medium, especially as they use 100% Scotch steak in their beef burgers.

As always, the burger did not disappoint. A perfectly toasted brioche bun, juicy pink beef, special mayo, plenty of melted cheese and absolutely delicious smoky bacon piled on top. There was no trace of the greasiness or soggy bread that you get with some burgers. With crispy thin frites on the side it was perfect. One of my friends was brave and went for the roast pulled pork burger on ciabatta. To quote from their menu; ‘slow roasted barbecued pulled pork with crispy pancetta, topped with an onion ring and coleslaw.’ That says it all really. It looked stunning and he very nearly managed to eat it all.

pulled pork burger hache

Pulled pork burger

My other friend went for the chicken burger which was reported to be excellent.

Although we all went for frites, Haché has plenty of other sides. Sweet potato fries for something a bit different, potato wedges, salad options and finally the beer battered onion rings. I didn’t have them on this occasion (you need an equally greedy person with you willing to share them), but they are superb. Giant, astoundingly crispy battered rings of goodness…I wish I’d ordered them as well.

The service is laid back but attentive and they always ask how the food is. No need, it is always spot on. I am at risk of gushing now, but I do feel that Haché deserves some more recognition on the top burger blogs and reviews. Admittedly, I haven’t tried all of the ‘best burgers in London’ yet (I keep trying to get into Honest Burger. One day!) but Haché will always be top of my list.

Check them out at www.hacheburgers.com

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  1. Helen Richards

    Love Hache and Love Leah, quite frankly. Don’t think the burgers would taste so good without amazing friends to enjoy them with.
    Great review.

    Love Helen

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